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FEB 16-19, 2024

Ski Resort Landscape

LOCATION: Bear Paw Camp
COST: $200 ($100 due at time of registration)
REGISTRATION DUE DATE: February 16th (Deposit due Feb 11th)


This year we will be heading to Camp Morrow in Pine Hollow Oregon, and similar to last year, we will be giving the students the opportunity to learn how to snowboard/ski! We have the opportunity to Ski from 4pm-8pm Feb. 18th, on the backside of Mt. Hood at a little family lodge called Cooper Spur. 

- Oregon City Location will be meeting at Victory Church OC at 12pm Friday Feb. 18th to be shuttled to the mountain together. 

- Sandpoint Campus will meet Oregon City at Cooper Spur (stay tuned for travel details from Sandpoint leaders). 


$250 covers all camp expenses including ski/snowboarding rentals and lift passes!

There will be a charter bus transporting us to and from camp and the mountain (Oregon City).


Winter Camp was a huge highlight of 2021 and we can not wait to see what God has in store for your student/s in 2022! 

By paying the deposit today you will have secured your students spot for 2022 Winter Camp. 

Stay tuned for lots more details to come.

We are so excited to take the weekend to have fun and pursue after the Lord!

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