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Victory Church School of Ministry


The goal of Victory School of Ministry is to raise up ministers through discipleship and the weekly application of the knowledge and understanding which students gain from the word of God.

This online course consists of approximately 57 courses packaged in a six modules program that will provide instruction in principles of faith/biblical studies, as well as training for domestic and/or international ministry. Modules are video based and students will meet once a week to discuss the current module. You will be able to watch and learn on your own time throughout the week.

Some of our amazing teachers include:

Rev. Jim Kaseman

Rev. Tony Cooke

Pastor Tim Gilligan

Rev. Jon Colyer

Pastor Steve Green

Brenda Thomas

Rev. Judi Tillett

Dr. Rick Renner

Pastor Mark Brazee

Rev. Joyce Erickson

Pastor Jane McDonnough

Rev. Chandler Cleveland

Rev. Dana Nile

Pastor Rod Rice

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